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Every day millions of Americans receive phone calls from Callers that they do not know the owner for. Is it a friend from long ago? Is it from a service that was legitimately requested? Unfortunately, many calls are received from Callers whom sole intent is to fleece the user. Telemarketers calling looking to sell you their Product or Services often claiming that you've "won" their Product or Service or even a gift card from a popular company but beware as nothing is free with Telemarketers and often these "free" deals come with a hevty monthly fee or other initial fees. Scam Artists do whatever and claim whatever they want doing whatever it takes to steal money from their victims. They may claim to be from "Card Services" implying they work for your Credit Card company, Bank or other financial institution and attempt to "Phish" information from you starting with information like your address and progressing towards getting crucial pieces of information like your Credit Card number and/or Social Security number.

07/28 994-952 unknown, sits on phone can't call it back says not a valid number when you do call it back
07/27 866-747-1100 Forgiveness of federal student loan
07/27 866-747-1100 Consolidation and / or forgiveness of federal student loan
07/27 417-242-1104 Wants to send certified check for car
07/24 408-554-1776 Calls almost daily.
07/24 408-554-1776 Frequently calls everyday. "Fresh Air Company" is the name given.
07/24 877-370-0001 claiming to have court papers to serve
07/24 888-300-3554 Suspect it is a scam
07/24 651-666-1001 They call sometimes as much as 12 a day and with someone in hospital and on pins and needles I do not need this. I am on do not call list but they get thru
07/23 855-438-7734 855-438-7734 Hawthorne St, Schiller Park, Illinois
07/22 004-320 They wanted to speak to the person in charge of my website
07/22 480-832-0521 Imagine schools
07/22 888-531-5596 Electric supplier
07/21 602-889-1985 Received second call. Don't know who these folks are.
07/21 951-394-1231 calling about a claim, has papers to deliver to my home. no information, no name given, only a phone number for me to call for information about said claim.
07/20 888-745-1980 Auto Transporter
07/20 651-666-1001 CID shows "Alarm Company". ROBO call blocker stopped call indicating either a robo call or the caller really did not want to speak with anyone. Probably a new number for the company selling "free alarm systems".
07/20 716-329-1152 Anonomys
07/17 404-666-1395 Keeps making threats
07/15 877-270-0542 calls everyday two or three times never leaves a message it pisses me off
07/15 877-370-0001 Said they are courier for court summons
07/14 901-622-5017 Calls and hangs up. I try to call back and get a recording to "wait for the next available agent."
07/14 979-373-1045 rebecca
07/13 315-737-1060 from Utica, New York
07/13 720-277-1006 Found on my call id
07/12 617-778-0529 Caller did not leave message. Call ID showed NTI.
07/11 877-223-4680 Bay Area Credit Service
07/10 252-397 Microsoft?
07/10 202-738-1394 Scam saying they are from the treasury department. They wanted over four thousand dollars to keep me out of jail.
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