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Every day millions of Americans receive phone calls from Callers that they do not know the owner for. Is it a friend from long ago? Is it from a service that was legitimately requested? Unfortunately, many calls are received from Callers whom sole intent is to fleece the user. Telemarketers calling looking to sell you their Product or Services often claiming that you've "won" their Product or Service or even a gift card from a popular company but beware as nothing is free with Telemarketers and often these "free" deals come with a hevty monthly fee or other initial fees. Scam Artists do whatever and claim whatever they want doing whatever it takes to steal money from their victims. They may claim to be from "Card Services" implying they work for your Credit Card company, Bank or other financial institution and attempt to "Phish" information from you starting with information like your address and progressing towards getting crucial pieces of information like your Credit Card number and/or Social Security number.

10/24 417-650-1545 mobile at & t
10/24 877-292-2294 say they where cash advance company
10/24 866-751-4099 Don't know who they are. Keep getting calls from them
10/24 800-921-1555 left mumbled voicemail
10/23 800-921-1555 verizion32
10/23 800-921-1555 Verizon or troll?
10/23 800-361-5579 Wells Fargo.
10/23 408-442-1600 who is this number issued to?
10/23 810-399 Male cell phone
10/22 318-533-0004 Jonesboro,la
10/22 866-537-4371 Student Loan Repayment Call
10/21 770-626-0222 this caller says that there is a warrant for non show for jury duty
10/21 706-247-8778 Calls but when u return call it says not in service
10/21 281-084-1544 10/14: Unknown numbers without message don't get called. Period.
10/21 803-833-7560 Got a call from this number and no one answered. Tried calling back and operator said the call could not be completed as dialed.
10/20 202-000-1111 Person with a heavy middle eastern accent called and claimed to inform me that I have been selected for a one time government grant of $9000. He said that I needed to call (646)583-1007 and give them the code that he passed along to claim my money.
10/20 312-809-1182 Called cell no caller idea
10/19 337-535-7656 who call me from this number
10/17 803-833-7560 missed call from them, returned call and got a message phone was disconnected.
10/17 864-202-1343 message on my answering machine says they are the IRS
10/16 888-281-1750 Very rude bill collector.
10/16 512-969-6857 You get a robo call threatening you with a court case. Then they pick up and threaten to put you in jail about some bill. Doesn't seem to matter if it is not your bill and the name on their list doesn't live with you.
10/14 866-373-4414 800 Notes - annoying
10/14 701-314-1012 Called my phone but would not speak to me
10/14 303-424-1234 Judy
10/13 202-864-1166 Claimed to be IRS and lawsuit to be initiated.
10/11 Claim to be IRS
10/11 865-353-7385 Came in as a toll free call. I didn't answer it as I didn't recognize the number.
10/11 320-365-1270 Calls & hangs up - doesn't leave a message.
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