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Every day millions of Americans receive phone calls from Callers that they do not know the owner for. Is it a friend from long ago? Is it from a service that was legitimately requested? Unfortunately, many calls are received from Callers whom sole intent is to fleece the user. Telemarketers calling looking to sell you their Product or Services often claiming that you've "won" their Product or Service or even a gift card from a popular company but beware as nothing is free with Telemarketers and often these "free" deals come with a hevty monthly fee or other initial fees. Scam Artists do whatever and claim whatever they want doing whatever it takes to steal money from their victims. They may claim to be from "Card Services" implying they work for your Credit Card company, Bank or other financial institution and attempt to "Phish" information from you starting with information like your address and progressing towards getting crucial pieces of information like your Credit Card number and/or Social Security number.

05/28 609-363-1050 anonymous caller
05/28 402-506-7437 Keeps calling about once a day and does not leave message. Don't know anyone with this number so suspect telemarketer or scammer!
05/28 404-260-0992 Someone called indicating I had problems with my computer and that it was sending out error messages to them so they were calling to fix it for me. He had to repeat this several times in order for me to understand him. As far as I am concerned, this was a scam.
05/28 636-515-0000 I also received this type of call.
05/28 516-206-1088 “I received a call on May 28 at 10:41 am from telephone number 516 206 1088. They did not leave a massage. When they don't answer or tell you who they are or what they want it is usually a SCAM”
05/27 603-363-1012 keeps calling will I am working don't leave message
05/27 888-320-4399 Association Management Dept. 1425 K St NW Suite 350 Washington, DC 200058
05/27 888-320 888 320-4399 was on a letter I received from Association Management Dept. 1425 K St NW Suite 350 Washington, DC 200058
05/27 970-315-1170 970-315-1170 called at 6:39 AM this morning - trying to sell auto warrantee. When I asked for the name of the caller and the name of the company, the caller hung up before I could tell them to remove my number from their call lists. Fricking A_ _HOLES for calling this early in the morning!!!
05/27 651-346 No message left. called at 1:17pm may 27 2015
05/27 816-411-1023 they called the house 6 times in two hours. they never say anything
05/27 816-411 they called my house 6 times in two hours they never say anything
05/26 575-703-1158 Number on my phone billabong is it
05/22 319-240-1776 untitled picture message. We don't have an data on our phone plan and don't wish to pay for it.
05/22 240-867 a man named paul eng selling website business.not getting an answer.
05/21 888-874 WW associates
05/20 855-710-0010 mssg says yr ip addr my have adware/malware attack and offers free network diagnostics
05/20 554-561 9999
05/20 855-655-0255 call comes 866-599-3409 - states mortgage company and to phone the above number. (I DO NOT have a mortgage company - and they call my cell)
05/20 563-221-1510 Recieved 2 messages to download and dont know who its from.
05/19 443-853 I'm sick and tired of being called by this number and I tried to reach out to find out who is this but I got a busy signal! Tell them that we are not interested and leave us alone!!!! Stop calling us!!!
05/18 202-738-1602 scam artist saying he was the IRS
05/18 208-906-1600 Calling from Advance Specialty Research
05/18 202-738-1602 Phony IRS call saying you will have a lawsuit filed against you in the next 45 minutes to an hour. "Michael" answered. No phone tree or menu. When I voiced doubt and refused to give any information, he hung up. Not a nice guy.
05/18 321-918-1301 caller hangs up after two rings and calls from different last four digits
05/18 719-318-1218 Call's 1 ring hangs up. Call back the number does not even ring and disconnect's.
05/18 888-252-2189 Calls and hangs up. No conversation and no message.
05/18 855-862-0131 phone number indicates attachment to PC cleanup service...I doubt it
05/18 888-631 this was not a call. it was a popup that blocked my computer anf referred me to call for assitance in fixing it. the message told me that I had a trojan malware on my computer. I was blocked for even doing a normal shutdown
05/18 888-987 swhiuoilkjuhgtrfdsq2p09hgy76]= hytre432dettrfvgty65poik'oik;;jj
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