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Every day millions of Americans receive phone calls from Callers that they do not know the owner for. Is it a friend from long ago? Is it from a service that was legitimately requested? Unfortunately, many calls are received from Callers whom sole intent is to fleece the user. Telemarketers calling looking to sell you their Product or Services often claiming that you've "won" their Product or Service or even a gift card from a popular company but beware as nothing is free with Telemarketers and often these "free" deals come with a hevty monthly fee or other initial fees. Scam Artists do whatever and claim whatever they want doing whatever it takes to steal money from their victims. They may claim to be from "Card Services" implying they work for your Credit Card company, Bank or other financial institution and attempt to "Phish" information from you starting with information like your address and progressing towards getting crucial pieces of information like your Credit Card number and/or Social Security number.

04/24 Dillard's Benefits Call Center at 1-866-857-2132 . I have no Dilards benefit, and don't know what it is
04/24 636-515-0000 Someone called indicating I had problems with my computer and that it was sending out error messages to them so they were calling to fix it for me. He had to repeat this several times in order for me to understand him. As far as I am concerned, this was a scam.
04/23 916-282-1607 Who has this number
04/22 253-442-1170 2 rings then hangs-up
04/21 606-611-6600 xxxxxxxxxxTX .This, plus telephone number above is what I get all the time.
04/20 888-803 No response when I pick up the phone.
04/20 202-666 202-666-388 is the number that is calling me, not even a full phone #!
04/20 877-270-0542 Unknown caller, online search says its not a valid number, so ignore calls from this number or get "Legal Call Blocker" app for your phone, freee!
04/20 877-270-0542 called does not leave message so i am blocking this number
04/20 512-643 talks about check bouncing
04/19 520-658-2705 1:00 AM call nobody there. Butt dial?
04/19 915-224-1006 lives in el paso texas
04/18 405-613-0232 personal cell phone
04/17 866-966-1027 caller identified himself as a "Windows Technician"...and stated that I had a problem with my computer.
04/17 202-930-1221 Said from SSA.
04/16 303-482-1150 This is a Scam Artist. Arise IBO. If you see her tell her she owes us money. Her name is Alma. She lives in Denver Colorado. Email me if you find her
04/16 800-480 z
04/16 800-410-8757 several rings then disconnect
04/15 651-245 Have no details
04/15 720-933 Called me at 2:50 am. Very rude.
04/14 615-645-0222 Said my son had won a prize by winning a contest. I asked where he had entered, she said she couldm't tell, but could have been at a mall, etc. He had won one of several prizes, I asked how much this would cost him, she kept stalling I finally told her he did not want it and hung up. Feel like it is a scam.
04/13 954-844-1508 Jacksonville, FL
04/10 404-600-1224 who is this and why call my phone number
04/10 415-236-3538 My husband called this number.
04/09 425-483-1779 Chase Bank Woodinville
04/09 202-759-1122 Voter Roll Call. Is this group legit or a scam?
04/09 864-651-1001 called-left no message-hung up
04/08 713-344-1377 Calls show "Houston, TX" in caller ID, but they don't have the courtesy to leave a message. I can only assume that the caller is ashamed, either of themselves or the company they work for; otherwise they'd gladly leave a message that indicates who they are/what company or person employs them. Calls like this are NEVER from anyone who needs to talk to you about something urgent...if something needed my attention, they'd leave a message. I'll call the number from a pay phone & make note of how they answer...when I know for sure it's a nuisance call, I'll block it.
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