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Every day millions of Americans receive phone calls from Callers that they do not know the owner for. Is it a friend from long ago? Is it from a service that was legitimately requested? Unfortunately, many calls are received from Callers whom sole intent is to fleece the user. Telemarketers calling looking to sell you their Product or Services often claiming that you've "won" their Product or Service or even a gift card from a popular company but beware as nothing is free with Telemarketers and often these "free" deals come with a hevty monthly fee or other initial fees. Scam Artists do whatever and claim whatever they want doing whatever it takes to steal money from their victims. They may claim to be from "Card Services" implying they work for your Credit Card company, Bank or other financial institution and attempt to "Phish" information from you starting with information like your address and progressing towards getting crucial pieces of information like your Credit Card number and/or Social Security number.

11/22 515-445-1545 the caller don't talk when you pick up the phone
11/22 219-561-1012 I do not answer, as I do not know who this is.
11/21 202-239-1231 IRS internal revenue service
11/21 855-881 No details. Just number
11/21 310-870-9254 L7 scvc call
11/21 831-205-2446 Investigator Omar Johnson.
11/20 866-978-5847 Fake IRS
11/20 209-562-1111 *
11/20 623-320-1257 Calls daily. Reply says it is not working number. Very annoying.
11/20 623-320 623-320-1257 Calls every day. Try to reply, told not a working number.
11/20 866-978-5847 Voice mail, said it was for back taxes, search reveals this is scam call. Have notified the appropriate local and federal authorities
11/20 515-412-0506 Said they were calling for the Humane Society wanting help for animals in New Jersey.
11/20 855-783-1449 number to call regarding virus
11/20 317-321-4641 Netherlands
11/19 877-347-1485 said collection for bad check i dont write checks
11/19 866-439-5969 ann deegan
11/19 505-386-1245 have nothing
11/18 202-239-1189 Indian scam artist
11/18 202-239-1189 Indian scammer, represents to be from IRS, attempts to extort money.
11/17 480-808-0204 Cindy Miller, escaped convict from Jacksonville Florida
11/16 801-716-1377 It keeps calling me it's not in my contacts
11/16 231-303-1404 not sure who it is, only rang once
11/15 888-283-5495 Said they were microsoft suppprt. asked info they should have known.
11/15 613-791-1141 Call came in. Background noise. Called again in a few minutes time.
11/15 949-202-1148 student Loans
11/15 949-202-1148 Student loan Consolidation Servies
11/14 201-406 Listed on my I-Pad as a trusted store
11/14 866-277-1226 calls and all I hear is one talking
11/14 866-978-5847 IRS impersonator running scam to get tax money "owed" by you!
11/13 409-983-1000 Just call with a loud humming when trying to call back sounds like a fax machine
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